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“Practice objective: facilitate strategic decisions with accurate recording and diligent service.”

We assist small businesses with a wide-range of tax accounting and professional services. Entrepreneurs frequently reach-out with questions concerning new business tax-structure, entity-selection, and registration requirements. Our free initial consultation is often an opportunity to meet and learn about a new business and make unique recommendations, which fit the proprietor’s needs and concerns.

Our cloud-based, remote bookkeeping service provides great value for time-deprived business owners. We efficiently organize the accounting system by implementing technical time-savers, such as account-syncing and remote-hosting. In addition, after a review of the competitive landscape, we design a custom chart of accounts to categorize transactions in a form conducive to financial reporting and analysis. Insight gained from “working the books” improves our ability to serve in an informed, consultative role.

The payroll service is truly “hands-off,” and includes weekly or bi-weekly runs, new hire reporting, direct deposit, and form filings. After an employee is hired and in the system, a simple email with the hours is typically all that is required from the business owner. As part of this service, we also assist clients with workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, sales and use tax, commercial activity tax, and vendor reporting.

Tax preparation is our core business. Many clients begin as tax preparation clients and graduate to our bookkeeping and payroll services. We work with individuals, rental property owners, sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and nonprofits. While tax preparation is an annual service, we are in contact with our clients throughout the year to serve as a guide on all tax matters.

Lastly, through our wealth services division, we help small businesses establish and implement retirement savings programs, including SEP and 401(k) plans. Tax deferral enables clients to realize significant tax savings during their higher-earning years. Retirement plans also serve as an important strategy for diversification; in particular, for small business owners, heavily invested in their individual enterprises.

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