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August 14, 2020
Madeira builder teams with financial adviser

Jarad Hunter, Cincinnati, Ohio financial adviser at JHunter, is dedicated to streamlining your tax accounting processes, freeing your time to focus on business operations. With experienced bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services, you will enjoy more efficient operations and a better understanding of your finances. This objective was the main goal of JHunter’s work with client Legendary Custom Homes. In the first calendar year of working with JHunter, Legendary Custom Homes’ sales increased by more than 90%, and their bright prospects continue.

Legendary Custom Homes is a residential builder in the Madeira suburb of Cincinnati. The company specializes in repurposing existing properties through in-fills, teardown-rebuilds, and whole home renovations. Their unique custom homes meet the highest standard of quality and aesthetics. And, their remarkable designs truly set them apart, including Craftsman, Cottage, and Farmhouse styles.

Unfortunately, Legendary Custom Homes was limited in its ability to take on new projects by the time demands of “back-office” accounting. The company was growing too fast to leave this task in the President’s hands. So, they turned to JHunter.

Jarad’s work with Legendary Custom Homes assisted in an increase to their bottom line and allowed them to take the next step in growing the business. President Matt Stanley says, “I can’t say enough about how much he has helped my business and stress levels!”

Aside from bookkeeping, JHunter’s efforts included dividing the business into separate operating segments to help Matt evaluate performance more accurately and contributing to a cost-coding system tailored to the business. Jarad, a tax attorney by trade, even prepared customized operating agreements for the business partners. All these improvements created another opportunity for Legendary Custom Homes and JHunter: as Legendary Custom Homes hired their first employee, JHunter implemented, and now manages, the payroll system.

Today, Legendary Custom Homes is working on several new and exciting custom home projects in Madeira, Montgomery, Hyde Park, and Indian Hill. Hiring JHunter was an investment that paid off; in fact, Matt says, “I should have done this a long time ago.” To get similar benefits for your business, call JHunter today at (513) 460-7691, or learn more about the firm’s services online.

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