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John Dorey, Local Real Estate Investor & Developer, Cincinnati, OH

“The day of our tax meeting, Jarad did my complete small business return with me in his office on 25 March completing it before noon. I had used a CPA in Texas for many years for both my business and personal taxes, but since retiring I have used TurboTax for investments and rental property costing me about $100 a year. Jarad not only found me additional savings for this year (exceeding prediction by TurboTax) but he found an overpayment of nearly $2000.00 for the last three years that TurboTax had missed. (He filed amended returns to get that money refunded.) Needless to say, Jarad is now my tax guy for both business and personal taxes. I don’t write many reviews for Angie’s List, but I had to for Jarad. My only hesitation for writing this review is that Jarad may get so much business, it may be hard to get an appointment next tax season.”

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