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  • Mike Simmons, Owner at FMS & Real Estate Investor
    “Mr. Hunter was extremely professional, knowledgeable and completed all the work I needed done in a very timely fashion. He kept me completely informed along the way and provided me with very accurate time lines of work completion. I would recommend Mr. Hunter to anyone who wants sound and professional financial planning and tax assistance/advice.”
•Financial & Tax Counsel
•Advanced Certified QuickBooks
•Authorized IRS e-file Provider
•Fixed Annuity Insurance

J.Hunter, JD operates in two segments defined by client type, small business and personal. Practice objectives are 1) small business: facilitate strategic decisions with accurate recording and diligent service; and 2) personal: help you identify, prioritize, and realize your financial objectives. Solutions span a broad spectrum of legal and financial disciplines, including tax, business, risk management, retirement, and estate planning.

Clientele Examples

•Family-owned businesses
•Firms with less than 20 employees and owners
•Cash accounting startups
•Limited liability firms with pass-through tax
•Individuals preparing for retirement or death

Industry Experience

•Automotive repair
•Employment services
•Professional services
•Real estate

***Proudly serving Ohio’s small businesses and residents, including these neighborhoods: Anderson Township, Blue Ash, Cincinnati, Columbia-Tusculum, Deer Park, Hyde Park, Indian Hill, Kenwood, Loveland, Madeira, Maineville, Mariemont, Mason, Montgomery, Milford, Newtown, Oakley, Sharonville, Terrace Park, and West Chester.

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